2015 Week 1 Day 2, 02 Jan


2015 Week 1 Day 2 – We are all still so tired today, due to the late nights over these winter holidays, but we decided that we would make the most of the fantastic weather today and go for a walk. I say we decided. Paul and I made an executive decision, but to the kids annoyance. Apart from Willow. She loves walking! And posing. She add Felix were happy to have a photo taken with daddy, 2015wk1day2-27

whilst the other two watched (or not) from a safe distance. Wk1Day2-1

The one consolation about this walk were that they found sticks, lots of sticksWk1Day2-2

and places to exploreWk1Day2-3 Wk1Day2-5

Did I say there were sticks?Wk1Day2-7 Wk1Day2-6 Wk1Day2-4 2015wk1day2-53 2015wk1day2-52 2015wk1day2-17 2015wk1day2-16

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