2015 Week 1 Days 3 & 4, 03 -04 Jan

2015 Week 1 Day 3 – A duvet day trying to gather energy for the start of school next week. Plus it was cold and wet. Seriously cold and wet. After the kids helped wash the car and van, they bathed, got into onsies and hid under blankets watching telly, in front of the woodburner. You can’t beat a good fire.

2015wk1day3 -4

2015 Week 1 Day 4 – Panto time! A fabulous performance at The Oxford Playhouse. Even Paul has grown to like panto and the kids had a great time, especially Alexei who not only got a name check, for his upcoming 7th birthday, but also got to go on stage and help sing a song! Willow enjoyed it on the whole, though the evil witch eye, in the form of a scary orb glowing red and twisting around to strobe over the audience, scared her somewhat. We taught her to just boo at it, and by the end of the perfomance, she was blowing raspberries at it! 2015wk1day4-22

Before the show, we had a late lunch at Giraffe, where they give fantastic sheets to colour in, and cute little plastic giraffe drink stirrers. cafe

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