2015 Week 1 Day 5

2015 Week 1 Day 5 – As part of my new year’s resolutions (still not actually written down), I am attempting to follow a group photo challenge, where a theme is posted for each week of the year and pictures are invited to represent it. The first week’s theme is Silver and Gold. As I have already taken all things Christmassy down, I was a bit stuck, but then I saw my heart shaped lights hung in the kitchen, that I still have not been able to take down as they look so pretty. The hearts’ colours are  a brushed silvery/goldey effect, so I think that will do.


Earlier, Alexei had decided to stick his head (gently) into the pin art block – I found the effect interesting. He is almost 7; “Show me the boy at seven and I  will show you the man”. Well, this art imprint almost gives me an insight as to what he might look like grown up!


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