2015 Week 1 Day 6, 06 Jan

2015 Week 1 Day 6 – As it was the first day back at school (and I forgot to get a photo of the kids by the front door grr), and Willow went to her childminder, I had a list of all the things I needed to do whilst I had the time to myself. I accomplished all but one of these. I could not go swimming as intended, due to a shopping delivery at the time a nearby(ish) newly furbished pool was opened. Actually I probably could have made it in time, but by then I had talked myself out of it, so to compensate, I decided to leave the house 25 minutes earlier at school pick up time to go for a little walk with my camera, as the light was nice after the heavy rain had cleared.

Everything looks beautiful after the rain. 2015wk1day6-4 CowHill

I managed not to get too distracted and got to school in time to pick up my babies. And then at home, chef Alexei and I whipped up a pizza for his supper  (actually the dough has taken me a day to prepare!), using his new pizza making kit he got for Christmas.


Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the pizza as my tomato sauce was not nice 😦

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