2015 Week 1 Day 7, 07 Jan

2015 Week 1 Day 7 – Willow is two and a half now. Growing up fast! She started main stream pre school today and the good news is that quite a few of her little buddies go then too. Although she had seemed clingy for the Friday morning settling in sessions last term, today she strode in and found her name, took off her hat and coat and put on her peg, and then sat down and started on a puzzle. She did acknowledge my goodbye, but barely!2015wk1day7Willow-7Last night, as I went to check on the kids, I found Willow in with Alexei again. Both sleeping peacefully, though, as usual, Willow crept into our bed in the middle of the night. They are such a cute pair of siblings and have promised to always look out for each other!2015wk1day7Willow-1

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