2015 Week 2 Day 2, 09 Jan

2015 Week 2 Day 2 – During a lovely catch up with friends today, Willow seemed like such a big girl sitting there sipping her hot chocolate, but she declined to have her picture taken to mark this occasion. However, having dropped off some books at a charity shop, we then discovered this rather nice jumper for sale there for £1.50, and I had barely taken it off the rail before she was trying to pull it over her head. She loves it, so much so that she happily posed for a picture wearing it.2015week2day2-12-Edit

Even on a blustery hill.

WillowLater that night, our village suffered a power cut. It was very exciting and reminded me of my childhood in the 70’s! Luckily I had a candle to hand and so lit it up, then found a few more to light, whilst the boys raced around trying to find torches. They then ate their supper in candlelight, wailing like ghosts and scaring little Willow, sort of, whilst I tried to carry on preparing our grown-up supper on the hob borrowing a snake light every now and then because, of course, tonight was the night I had – unusually – elected to follow a recipe from a book! We loved every moment of the power cut and then, when the lights came back on, we pretended they didn’t, and carried on in the glow of candlelight, until daddy came home and the kids gave the game away out of excitement.

photo 2

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