2015 Week 2 Day 3, 10 Jan

2015 Week 2 Day 3 – I want to try to increase my range and style of photos I take and to think in black and white more often, particularly in documenting  every day life at home with four little monkeys. Not to use flash, which I find I have resorted to quite a lot in recent months, but to up my ISO and embrace the grain! Also to  visualise a scene in wide angle format rather that my natural tendency to zoom in. Our home is cluttered and so part of my aim in this new year is to tidy up and de-clutter, not just now, but ongoing,  and this will surely help in composing my photo’s as I won’t have to worry about the background too much. And anyway, we live in a busy house, so if it is messy, this is our life.

As usual on a Saturday morning, everyone had to race off to football. As Barnaby had an away match and Paul drove him to it, it was left to me to take the other boys to their local training and Willow decided to get involved and donned not only a football top but boots too. I think the boys had better watch out – she has great skills already! I didn’t take my camera to the field, as it was so wet and windy; good job too as I lost my keys and Alexei lost his coat! To say it was manic is an understatement, but luckily keys were found and we could get home.

Back at home, as Willow was chilling out, I decided to put my resolution to the test and took some photo’s of her lying on the sofa.


She is such a contradiction. At the moment she likes holding a little red car in one hand, whilst clutching a (rather manky) dolly in the other.


WillowDoll WillowSofa

After the chill out time, we played peek-a-boo.WillowHideSeek

4 thoughts on “2015 Week 2 Day 3, 10 Jan

      • In 2012 I drew a maze everyday or 372 days. Jan was tough. But by March it was an addiction. And the daily challenge increased my creativity as well as my skill set. There were days that the art might have saved my life as I was struggling with my marriage. I also got clients and thousands of followers so you never know what it can turn into.

  1. I have just spent 26 minutes dong one of your puzzles. They are amazing!! Really addictive and so creative. I am signing up! My kids will love them too. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Well done for keeping it up, and your sanity!

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