2015 Week 4 Day 3, 24 Jan

2015 Week 4 Day 3 – I had another relatively quiet day today, still feeling grotty, and with my sensible head on, reluctantly cancelled our baby sitter for tonight. The children were in and out of the house due to various sports and parties, but when they were here, they decided to let loose their creative side.


For his birthday we had given Alexei a Monopoly Junior game; I played it with him today and we both enjoyed it very much. So when Alexei told the others how good it was, they decided they wanted to play and they spent an hour or so playing it and ALL GETTING ALONG!! WITHOUT ANY GROWN UP. They liked it so much they have all agreed to play it again tomorrow!2015week4-26

I had a change of heart about going out and tried to reinstate our babysitter, but being a young thing, she had already made plans. As did the others we then contacted. So I resigned myself to another early night and let my husband dress up as ROD STEWART and join our friends at a local pop quiz. I wonder how they are getting on?2015week4-37

4 thoughts on “2015 Week 4 Day 3, 24 Jan

    • We were all Rod’s!! Apart from a male friend, who likes dressing as a lady, who went as Britt Ekland. The night sounded hilarious as everyone got completely into the party spirit which is what this village is renowned for! I am so gutted I missed it!

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