2015 Week 4 Day 4, 25 Jan

2015 Week 4 Day 4 – As we were all feeling jaded (some from illness, another from excesses of the night before!!), we decided to get some fresh air and walk down to the local hotel for a reviving hot chocolate. Alexei took his skateboard, but was not allowed to ‘ride’ it as he was not wearing a helmet nor pads, but he insisted he would ride it lying down or carrying it himself. He was true to his word and actually all the kids played really nicely together with it.


Apart from Felix who had a bit of a strop when we told him off for wielding his sword too enthusiastically.




I am biased, but what a handsome skater boy!






The hot chocolate was a bit disappointing when we got there, but it was nice to chill out for a bit together and this time it was daddy’s turn to try to learn yu-gi-oh!! He fared as badly as me!


2 thoughts on “2015 Week 4 Day 4, 25 Jan

  1. Looks like they had a lot of fun. What is the temperature like? I wander when I see your kids without outerwear, and even in shorts. My kids wear wool underwear these days… 😉

    • Like many British kids regarding clothes, mine are weird Inga! I need to remind them to wrap up! It is not so cold here really though; we have had quite a mild winter. But often halfway to school Felix in particular suddenly moans that he can’t find his gloves! I am always cold so it does make me shiver to watch them!

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