2015 Week 5 Day 3, 31 Jan

2015 Week 5 Day 3 – I almost forgot to take a photo today, due to running around with 3 kids whilst Paul took our eldest and some friends to football. Even though the  cold weather stopped football training for our youngest boys, they still had tennis lessons at different times and a library visit to fit in before lunch. And after lunch, a party for Willow (who seemed recovered today) and Barnaby. So, by the time I got home and had them fed and ready for bed, we needed to get ready for a night out and a picture was completely forgotten. I think because I still don’t feel very well and am really tired, I obviously found inspiration lacking.

However, an hour in to our night out, I received a phone call from the babysitter to say that Willow had been sick. Luckily as we were with friends just down the road, our hostess drove me home so i was back within 5 minutes of the call and able to calm Willow, though I must say our babysitter and her friend had done an excellent job in handling the situation.

So I quickly got into my PJ’s, made a cup of jasmine tea in my new tea brewer, and settled down with Willow to watch some telly, whilst my husband and friends were all enjoying a wine tasting / silly games evening! Yet again, a quiet Sat night for me. This is turning into an unforseen dry January!

At least it did get me to remember my photo!

2015Week5-49I also snuck in a quick shot of my poorly baby beside me. Happy as the telly was on, but she quickly fell asleep.2015Week5-56

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