2015 Week 5 Day 4, 1 Feb

2015 Week 5 Day 4 – Today I met my cousin from Australia for the first time. Well, technically he is my first cousin once removed, as his mother is my cousin and I have only met her once, almost 40 years ago! I am glad he is a cousin to me and that I am not any type of Aunt to him (though very clearly we are different generations!). I have enough of all the Polish young men referring to me as Auntie when we go over to visit my husbands family!!

Anyway, Jozef is over to visit England and Europe for a while, and it was nice to finally meet him. After a big lunch, we convinced the kids to get some fresh air, by promising them a drink and a game of monopoly at their favoured hotel by the river. As usual, I think that Grandpa found it stressful going out with us – here he is waiting for Alexei who was face down on a skateboard….

2015Week5Sunday-11 whilst Granny talked Jozef through some of the sights.

2015Week5Sunday-21 2015Week5Sunday-24

Once we were at the hotel, the boys wasted no time in trouncing their (second) cousin at monopoly


whilst Grandpa and Willow enjoyed a nice cup of teaSwanAtStreatley

before she succumbed to the ipad screen, and promptly fell asleep! 2015Week5Sunday-41

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