2015 Week 6 Days 3, 4 and 5: 7, 8, 9th Feb

2015 Week 6

Day 3: In preparation for a friend coming to stay, we thoroughly cleaned out the spare room. Well, Willow did actually, before becoming distracted by the solar system!

hoover2 hoover and after all that cleaning, when these legs turned up at my door later, I made sure that all outer layers were stripped off before entry to the hose was allowed!


Day 4: Finally, after 15 years, 9 of which have included children, one of my sofas collapsed today. Due to 9 years of bouncing!  2015week6_-16

All that activity wore them out!Kids

Day 5: Willow decided to suck on the head of a little troll toy for some reason. Actually she was playing up for the camera and wanted to look at the back of my camera after I took each shot! Especially the shouting ones. She is very proud of those!WillowShout

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