2015 Week 6 Day 6 – 10th Feb

2015 Week 6 Day 6 – I asked Willow what my picture today should be of; she said “ummm, Willow!”. SO I got my camera out, but the telly had been turned on and she was lost to me. Until I got a reflector out and tried to use it. Of course, that got her interest and she grabbed it and studied it carefully. She preferred the silver side. or was it gold? I don’t know, we got confused in the end, but had fun with it anyway.


After that, I asked if I could photograph her pig in cress in a box, but she got too absorbed in it to pose and I much preferred this candid shot anyway.2015week6Day6-27

After judo, I told Alexei I had got him a scrap book and he was delighted to put his birthday cards into it. He arranged the layout himself and glued and stuck them in beautifully and even adorned the pages with some writing. I have always saved birthday cards and passed this custom on to my kids, my to my husband’s amusement. However, the children love them and take them out periodically to look at past birthday’s and what cards their friends and family have chosen and what they have written to them. I love that Alexei is carrying on this tradition independently and getting so much enjoyment from it. 2015week6Day6-36

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