2015 Week 9 Day 2 – 27th Feb

2015 Week 9 Day 2 – Today didn’t quite go as planned. The girl and I were meant to find a house/gardens that was open to show their amazing snowdrops. I got so lost and couldn’t find it at all, but marvelled at the gorgeous countryside we stumbled across. As Willow was asleep and it was a bit hairy driving down the narrow, muddy and hilly country lanes, I didn’t stop to go for a walk with her, but instead came back to familiar territory where we set of for a brisk walk. The man with the dog speeded up as he was a bit freaked out by the pre-schooler chasing him! 2015Febweek9_10k-17

After all that running, it was time for a sit down and snack and to take in the amazing views.

2015Febweek9_10k-26 2015Febweek9_10k-25 2015Febweek9_10k-27 2015Febweek9_10k-28 2015Febweek9_10k-30 2015Febweek9_10k-31 2015Febweek9_10k-35 2015Febweek9_10k-39 2015Febweek9_10k-40 2015Febweek9_10k-42 2015Febweek9_10k-41 2015Febweek9_10k-8

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