2015 Week 9 Day 3 – 28th Feb

2015 Week 9 Day 3 – Such a busy day today, even more so than usual on a Saturday. Last night our guests from Poland arrived, but I didn’t get to see them until later as I was in and out on football and tennis duty. Also, between all this, Alexei had a drama rehersal for an exam (I know!!), and so here we were waiting for his turn to go in. Special time with his baby sister.

Kids-1 Kids-2 Kids-4.jpg-1

And then he was in. He did so well; he remembered all his words and actions. Now he just needs to work on speaking clearly and loudly.2015Febweek9_10k-82 Kids-4.jpg-2

After all the activities were completed, I had baking to do for pre-school to sell at the 10k race the next day. I thought feet were appropriate!2015Febweek9_10k-86

And then cousin Wiktoria and Willow beautifully decorated the rest for us to eat. Felix also had his own unique style too. Here he is looking so excited by the biscuits! (He wanted me to take this picture of him and his pose still makes me laugh).


And then the brothers reunited! Awww.2015Febweek9_10k-96

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