2015 Week 17 Day 5, 27th April

2015 Week 17 Day 5 – I had a surprise for the kids today, one that I have been keeping secret for a few days! Today is the day we collected the kitty cats from my friend’s house. SO, Willow and I took a trip to Surrey this sunny afternoon, whilst daddy sorted out the kids after school. Whilst waiting for my friend to come home we went for a wander round her garden and I tried out the  camera on my new phone. Pretty impressed! (and with her garden) (oh, and her house) (and her lovely children) etc2015iPhone-49

so let me introduce to you the newest members of the family: Cluffy and Gingie (as named by Alexei and Barnaby who, for once, were in total agreement!)


The children were so excited and so I wondered why Alexei disappeared for 5 minutes….. he had been making this:



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