2015 Week 17 Day 4, 26th April

2015 Week 17 Day 4 – Alexei and I had agreed to go out for a walk together today, but then he got in a grump about something and wouldn’t get out of the van. Eventually, I persuaded him and encouraged him to take some photos of his own. He then laughed when I took photos of him taking photos and the tension dissolved.


So we then enjoyed the stunning views together2015AlexeiRapeSeed-79-Edit

before he indulged me and stepped in front of my lens and allowed me to take some photos of him in the rape seed, a year since the last shots of him here.2015AlexeiRapeSeed-15-Edit 2015AlexeiRapeSeed-52-Edit Alexei

We then went for a hot chocolate at the hotel but not before he spotted another photo opportunity. 2015AlexeiRapeSeed-85-Edit

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