2015 Week 17 Day 4, 26th April

2015 Week 17 Day 4 – Alexei and I had agreed to go out for a walk together today, but then he got in a grump about something and wouldn’t get out of the van. Eventually, I persuaded him and encouraged him to take some photos of his own. He then laughed when I took […]

2015 Week 16 Day 5, 20th April

2015 Week 16 Day 5 – Spring has well and truly sprung! Soon the bluebells will be out in full force, but for now, only a few have bloomed. The rapeseed flowers are coming along nicely too. And coming home from pilates in the evening, I saw an amazing sunset and I am pretty impressed […]

2014 Week 16 Day 1

2014 Week 16 Day 1 – The polarising filter makes such a difference on days like these, though I must try to remember to turn the disc for best effect!! As mentioned before, I LOVE where I live – it is so scenic. Spring is gorgeous with the vibrant rapeseed fields and lush green grass; […]