2014 Week 16 Day 1

2014 Week 16 Day 1 – The polarising filter makes such a difference on days like these, though I must try to remember to turn the disc for best effect!! As mentioned before, I LOVE where I live – it is so scenic. Spring is gorgeous with the vibrant rapeseed fields and lush green grass; especially on intense blue sky days. LocalLandscape-1 After we dropped the boys off at camp, Willow and I went off to the woods to enjoy the bluebells, which are in full bloom, early this year due to all the recent rain. Bluebell woods with a Willow – my fave!LocalLandscape-41-Edit She found everything fascinating and inspected it all…..LocalLandscape-28-Edit … but enjoyed a cheeky sit down every now and then.LocalLandscape-47-Edit LocalLandscape-68-Edit before running awayLocalLandscape-19-Edit LocalLandscape-82-Edit LocalLandscape-85-Edit LocalLandscape-91 LocalLandscape-93-Edit After the bluebells, we drove back cross country and this field of rapeseed was just too stunning to pass by without capturing.LocalLandscape-107 LocalLandscape-105 LocalLandscape-101

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