2014 Week 15 Day 7

2014 Week 15 Day 7 – “Look at where we live!”. This is what a friend and I say to each other when we are out and able to admire the stunning views right on our doorstep. I wish I took photos of the area more often! And I remembered to put a polarising filter on! The sea of yellow rapeseed fields also require sunglasses!21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-1-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-5-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-7-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-6-Edit I even like Didcot power station in the distance!21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-4-Edit And then Willow decided to get in on the action in the fields of yellow, but she is still a bit little and gets lost in the flowers.21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-22-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-34-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-33-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-30-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-19-Edit 21014week15 RapeWillow Felixcertificate-53-Edit

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