2015 Week 21 Day 7 – 27th May

We all enjoyed a visit to Bucklebury Farm Park today which was all about the animals.

BuckleberryFarmPics-1BuckleberryFarm-1And Felix really wanted to get a picture of the peacock as he told me they were studying them at school BuckleberryFarmPic-1

Although after I got the picture, he told me it was peacock butterflies they were studying!!!!BuckleberryFarm-2

Did I say it was all about the animals? Actually, it was all about the playing!   BuckleberryFarmPic-4 BuckleberryFarmPic-2 BuckleberryFarmPic-3 BuckleberryFarmPiccs-2 BuckleberryFarmPiccs-1 BuckleberryFarmPics-2

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