2015 Week 22 Days 1- 5 – 28th May – 1st June

2015 Week 22 Day 1 – I had a day off from children today and drove up to Birmingham to spend a day at a photo show to look at frames and props and, more importantly, to attend a 3hr maternity talk, where we were also allowed to get a few sneaky pictures. I am not very good at getting people to look happy in front of the lens when they are cold!!!

2015MaternityShoot-316-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-314-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-335-Edit  2015MaternityShoot-339-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-347-Edit

(Spot the light 😉  )2015MaternityShoot-365-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-354-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-373-EditBW 2015MaternityShoot-373-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-375-EditBW 2015MaternityShoot-375-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-374-EditBW 2015MaternityShoot-374-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-379-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-379-EditBW 2015MaternityShoot-380-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-380-EditBW

2015MaternityShoot-383-Edit 2015MaternityShoot-383-EditBW  2015MaternityShoot-383-Edit   2015MaternityShoot-382-EditBW 2015MaternityShoot-382-Edit

2015 Week 22 Day 2 – We had surprise dinner guests today, but we all mucked in and coped very well

2015RaceforLife-324 2015RaceforLife-326

The cats continue to make themselves at home!!2015RaceforLife-328

2015 Week 22 Day 3 – Tough Muddy

I ran this 5k obstacle course with Race For Life today with lots of local friends and dedicated my part of the donations to my friend and fellow photographer Claire who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. At her suggestion, I amended my sign to add ‘WINE’



After!2015RaceforLife-301 2015RaceforLife-300-2

2015 Week 22 Day 5 –


2015JuneiPhone-300 And Gingie decided he wanted to do some glitter painting with his chin!2015PreSchoolGrad-4


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