2015 Week 52 Days 5 & 8 – 28th December – NYE!

Week 52 Day 5 – We left Granny and Grandpa’s today, but had an adventure in the beautiful Richmond Park first.

Ax is such a mix of emotions,

2015DecRichmondPark-55-Edit copy

one minute smiling and having fun, 2015DecRichmondPark-57-Edit copy

and the moment next in tears!  2015DecRichmondPark-68-Edit copy


Meanwhile, Fx wanted to pose with his favourite toy Crocky (who is actually a dragon!).

2015DecRichmondPark-65-Edit copy2015DecRichmondPark-66-Edit copy2015DecRichmondPark-67-Edit copy

Bx showed us his tree climbing skills,  2015DecRichmondPark-76-Edit copyAnd somehow Wx got up there too!2015DecRichmondPark-78-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-79-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-80-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-81-Edit copy

Daddy helped the descent.2015DecRichmondPark-83-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-84-Edit copy

Richmond Park is famous for its wild green ring-necked parakeets and we only spotted them way up high in the trees but we could hear their shrieking from afar!

2015DecRichmondPark-82-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-86-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-89-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-90-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-92-Edit copy 2015DecRichmondPark-100-Edit copy

New Year’s Eve – We had a quiet end to the year; after some drinks and fireworks with friends early in the evening, we then went home and saw the new year in together.   The kids were allowed to stay up especially for the occasion, but, as you can see, not everyone managed to keep awake!!


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