2016 Week 1

New Year’s Day – A pre-arranged meet up with friends for a new year’s day walk, started off with the need for a bribe for our youngest son; one lollipop later and he was a happy walker. 2016NYDay-6-Edit copy

Everyone else needed no such incentive and just enjoyed the fresh air and hills!NYDWalkBNYDWalkWillow

Just before school started again, we nipped off into Oxford to enjoy the panto at the Oxford Playhouse. Felix was especially excited to have his first wobble tooth that day, but even better than that, the tooth actually fell out during the performance.


And a sleepy boy, a little while later, slipped a letter to the tooth fairy under his pillow, along with his tooth, telling the fairy the details of his first loss. He also hoped for a big shiny coin!! His pickle of a brother waited up to try to catch the tooth fairy doing the transaction, but the  tooth fairy was wiley and managed to take the tooth and letter and replace them with a note of reply and a big shiny coin! Deal done.iphone-126

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