2016 Week 10

2016 Week 10

This week I was lucky enough to pop down to Bournemouth and meet Tracy Willis, an amazing photographer and, luckily for me, a trainer in the art of newborn photography. I think these pictures speak for themselves. I cannot wait to get started in my own studio… I am literally counting down the weeks until we move!

Newborn-83FB Newborn-87FB Newborn-95FB Newborn-92FB Newborn-85FB Newborn-79FB Newborn-112FB Newborn-110FB Newborn-100FB Newborn-105FB Newborn-69FB Newborn-74FB Newborn-61FB Newborn-51FB Newborn-52FB Newborn-57FB Newborn-54FB


Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to receive all these cards from my beautiful children. I must remind my eldest that he has made some promises on his card; to make his bed for example!!


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