2016 Week 13

2016 Week 13 – My first born turned 10 this week. He agreed to a cake smash. We don’t really have the room to do it properly….

Barnaby10th-22-Edit copy 2FB

…and someone didn’t realise she shouldn’t in fact be eating the cake!!Barnaby10th-95-Edit copy Barnaby10th-101-Edit copy Barnaby10th-106-Edit copy

But she did realise that  I like her to model for me.Barnaby10th-9-Edit5*7FB

Later we enjoyed a lovely walk on the Ridgeway and saw some signs of springRidgeway

even though the woods still appear Autumnal!Barnaby10th-192-EdiFB Barnaby10th-193-Edit copy

We went to visit family for Easter celebrations, but first some birthday cake,  BdayBarnaby10th-1 BdayBarnaby10th-9

before an Easter Egg hunt.
Easter-1 Easter-2 Easter-3 Easter-4

Grandpa can be quite silly at times!Easter-5 Easter-6

Back home, for the actual birthday and a special delivery!!
BikeBarnaby10th-35-Edit copyFB

And someone else decided she could ride a bike too – never one to be left out!!SupperBarnaby10th-8

And a final birthday celebration for the birthday, we enjoyed a meal out at his favourite restaurant and didn’t mind the late night due to it being in the school holidays!
SupperBarnaby10th-17-Edit7*5FB SupperBarnaby10th-28-Edit5*7FB SupperBarnaby10th-30-EditFB

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