2016 Week 12

2016 Week 12 –

Almost a week after the onset of illness, a still poorly little girl managed to muster up the energy to  take a drive with me to do some chores,


but it did take it out of her
201610Milldown-21 iphoneMar2016-33

However, by the time a week had passed, she was able to enjoy her brother’s birthday celebrations – Pizza Express after a trip to the ice rink.iphoneMar2016-35iphoneMar2016-39

And she soon had the energy to join in with the boys’ mischief!iphoneMar2016-54

My little cool kidWillow

who sometimes pretends to not want her photo taken WillowMar2016-78-EditFB

but soon comes round to the ideaWillowMar2016-84-EditFB WillowMar2016-86-EditFB

And is (almost) always happy when a brother is around!Streatley-1

This one seems to have turned himself into a wizard!!Streatley-2

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