2016 Week 11

2016 Week 11 –

A sneaky peak at daddy playing on the trampoline. The kids are so lucky to have a daddy that plays with them!


But they can also have fun on their ownoutside2016Goring10K-69

My lovely sister-in-law Karin came over from Poland specifically to race in a local 10k and she was delighted to find out that she was the Number 1 runner!!

2016Goring10K-157-Edit-Edit copy

2016Goring10K-167-Edit-Edit copy

And they’re off……2016Goring10K-186-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-195-Edit copy

OOhhh isn’t she doing well? Tee hee hee2016Goring10K-199-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-212-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-214-Edit copy 2016Goring10K-218 copy 2016Goring10K-223-Edit copy

The marshalls always do an amzing job2016Goring10K-232-Edit copy

as does Humphrey the Camel running for Water Aid. 2016Goring10K-251-Edit copy

However, it was not all fun and games, as my daughter suddenly felt very ill and I had to take her home. Later that night, she had a febrile convulsion! Pretty scary stuff but we were reassured by the paramedic that it was only due to the high fever and the fact that children cannot regulate their temperature and so this is what happens.

The boys were so lovely and thoughtful and wrote her notes and cards and left her presents.


And Grandpa also turned up later in the week to bring her his favourite flowers. She was delighted with them! (They are his favourite flowers as they last so long. lol)iphoneMar2016-21

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