2016 Week 15

2016 Week 15 –

The children are being very enterprising and selling sweets and bubble gum, in aid of themselves, but with a proportion of the takings going towards a charity for endangered species.

Stall-3 Stall-1

Surprisingly they did get some customers!Stall-2

And before it got too late I bundled them off in our van to go to a little interior design shop near to us as I needed to look at some carpet samples that I knew would be there. BIG MISTAKE. Taking 4 young and bored kids into a teeny tiny shop with samples and items on display. Stressful. And then after we were bundled out, figuratively speaking, it was a BIG MISTAKE to ask the kids to pose for a quick portrait. I am ashamed to say I lost my temper with them as they once again just would not play ball and line up nicely for me. This picture was just before it descended into chaos. I muttered under my breath all the way home about inconsiderate children and then afterwards felt bad that I had got angry over just one photograph. I will have to learn better how to manage them for a group shot. How to manage kids with what is known as “photographer’s child syndrome”.


I thought I would start with one child at a time, but even that had limited success!!April_2016-90

SO instead I appreciated the landscape around me.

April_2016-110-Edit copy copy April_2016-103-Edit copy April_2016-100-Edit copy 2

Having a least felt happy with some landscape shots, I took some of the children on a walk to find some bluebells.April_2016-205-Edit copy copy

the woods are so stunning this time of year (actually all year round they are special)April_2016-139-Edit copy April_2016-141-Edit copy

But we didn’t bank on finding such a great natural climbing frame.April_2016-163-Edit copy April_2016-176-Edit copy copy April_2016-169-Edit copy April_2016-186-Edit copy April_2016-171-Edit copy

Even bunny had a go at climbing.April_2016-179-Edit copy April_2016-146-Edit copy

And so another family group shot attempt. It’s bound to go well with only 3 out of 4 children right?…April_2016-155-Edit copy copy

….ummmm…….April_2016-225-Edit copy

….maybe not. What starts in jest, always end in tears!!April_2016-221-Edit copy April_2016-198-Edit copy

Throughout this week, and actually for a long time now, I have not been happy with my focus and I am now starting to think that it may not all be down to camera skills and that actually maybe my lens is out! So I tried out a calibration system with a willing model, who by the end was not so willing!


The conclusion? A lens in need of realignment.

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