2016 Week 16

2016 Week 16 -An impromptu late night competition entry won me a training day with The New born Workshop which was great fun and really educational. Unfortunately for me,  my lenses all seem off and I just couldn’t achieve good focus with any. Here, with controlled lighting, it was so obvious that my equipment needs to be looked at. However, I did get a few shots I am happy with.

NewbornWorkshop-29-Edit NewbornWorkshop-34-Edit
NewbornWorkshop-40-Edit NewbornWorkshop-42-Edit NewbornWorkshop-49-Edit NewbornWorkshop-51-Edit NewbornWorkshop-52-Edit NewbornWorkshop-53-Edit NewbornWorkshop-55-Edit NewbornWorkshop-61-Edit NewbornWorkshop-62-Edit NewbornWorkshop-63-Edit NewbornWorkshop-70-Edit NewbornWorkshop-73-Edit NewbornWorkshop-74-Edit NewbornWorkshop-75-Edit NewbornWorkshop-76-Edit NewbornWorkshop-77-Edit NewbornWorkshop-82-Edit-2

Whilst I decide how to sort out my equipment, I took my chances with some bluebell shots, focus18apr-8-Edit copyfocus18apr-38-Edit copy

though my daughter could not help but muck about for most of the timefocus18apr-31-Edit copyfocus18apr-32-Edit copyfocus18apr-40-Edit copy

and again, a few days later!Bluebells20Apr-24-Edit Bluebells20Apr-16-Edit

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