Week 51 Day 2 – 18th December

Week 51 Day 2 – Twinkle sleeps her hangover off today, with a comfy bed, some calpol and water. Whilst she slept we all went out to meet Father Christmas. play at the funfair and then enjoy Dick Whittington. The thing is, unbeknownst to us, Twinkle must have followed us and the little minx took […]

Week 50 Day 6 – 15th December

Week 50 Day 6 – Twinkle is still waiting for one more letter to take back to Santa, so she has written her own message as a prompt to the child! Meanwhile she’s hanging around just chilling and snacking. Meanwhile, the Christmas countdown has begun!! and our very own advent calendar designed and drawn up […]

Week 50 Day 2 – 11th December

Week 50 Day 2 – Twinkle and the big snowman have made up and are friends again; it was nice for Twinkle to have some company for when she needed to go to the little girls room!!! Apparently, her numbers two’s are chocolate drops! My little violinists performed for the parents in their school orchestra […]