Week 50 Day 2 – 11th December

Week 50 Day 2 – Twinkle and the big snowman have made up and are friends again; it was nice for Twinkle to have some company for when she needed to go to the little girls room!!! Apparently, her numbers two’s are chocolate drops! My little violinists performed for the parents in their school orchestra […]

2015 Week 9 Day 1 – 26th Feb

2015 Week 9 Day 1 – This policy of not having the television on in the week after school is working and the kids are finding ways to entertain themselves. After a game of slide the huge beanbag off the sofa whilst sitting on it ended in tears, the hama beads came out as well […]

2014 Week 50 Day 3

2014 Week 50 Day 3 – After a month or so of rehearsals on a Friday morning (ugh), the concert morning finally came. A series of Christmas carols were beautifully performed by the school orchestra and Barnaby and Alexei really enjoyed themselves. And speaking on behalf of the audience, we loved it!   After school, they […]