2014 Week 46 Day 7

2014 Week 46 Day 7 – I have set up a black background and off camera flash reflected onto the subject, to get some shots I might use in Christmas cards and perhaps also for printing.

The boys didn’t really want to oblige in this ‘arty’ set -up, but I persuaded them and I really like the results.BoysViolinWeb Alexei was then happy to pose, Alexei

and then practise2014week47-9-EditWeb 2014week47-4-EditWebwhilst Willow appeared sombre, but I love her hair curls against the background.2014week47-13-EditSqWeb Before, at school, I had been asked to get a picture of a little boy for a friend, so I took some test shots first to fine tune my settings, with willing subjects!2014week46kids-26 school-2 school-1

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