2014 Week 14 Day 7

2014 Week 14 Day 7 – The sun finally broke through today, and though we dressed up warm, we made it down to the beach to meet some friends. Glamping2014Dorset-79 Before that of course, we had to check that the weather was going to be nice, have breakfast, and Willow needed to double check the tent where our friends had been in. I think she missed them!! GlampingDay7aGlampingDay7 After a game of football on the beach we tried, for the very first time, geocaching; with the help of a handheld GPS device you had to find the box of treasure and answer a question. These were very cryptic and we were not very good at the answers!!GlampingDay7c GlampingDay7dAfterwards the boys dug out a moat with their new spades
GlampingDay7e whilst Willow enjoyed the waterGlampingDay7b

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