2014 Week 15 Day 1

2014 Week 15 Day 1 – A little friendly robin, my favourite bird, came to say hello for a while. Glamping2014Dorset-309 Glamping2014Dorset-310 Glamping2014Dorset-311 On our first night here, Barnaby got burnt by a glowing hot stick from the fire, as his brother had waved it around (oops). Here he is with his scars, though he is happy enough again now and looking forward to the scabbing! Glamping2014Dorset-279-Edit-Edit Glamping2014Dorset-339-Edit Time for breakfast before heading back to the beach making the most of another bright dayGlamping2014Dorset-302-Edit Glamping2014Dorset-352 Glamping2014Dorset-358 Glamping2014Dorset-360

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