2014 Week 15 Day 2

2014 Week 15 Day 2 – After a lazy start (as usual), we set off for an excursion to Brownsea Island, dramatically located in Poole Harbour, and with spectacular views across to the Purbeck Hills. On the island, famous for red squirrels (but not spotted by us as I think we are slightly too NOISY), we came across many bird viewing huts,  revealing to us spectacular vistas beyond. Glamping2014Dorset-45 Before we made the trip today, we had to, of course, see if the chickens had laid any eggs. This one took FOREVER to lay – it was a bit like watching someone on the toilet. We had to keep going back to see if she had finished. Willow, eating a banana, soon found out that chickens are rather partial to them….chickens and they kept chasing her for some, so daddy had to step in and save her!Glamping2014Dorset-371After the chicken drama, we drove to the “Bramble Bush Bay” chain ferry that crosses the entrance to Poole Harbour between Sandbanks and Shell Bay. Glamping2014Dorset-401 After the short pull across the harbour, we embarked upon the boat sailing to Brownsea Island. Of course, the kids loved this adventure.BROWNSEAa And the island itself is quite beautiful. Glamping2014Dorset-439Peeping through a telescopeGlamping2014Dorset-438BROWNSEA I loved the texture and pattern of this fence, and so couldn’t resist snapping Willow as she sauntered along,Glamping2014Dorset-48 but is it better in black and white?Glamping2014Dorset-48-2 Glamping2014Dorset-51 And just before we had to leave the island, taking the last ferry back, the boys climbed some trees. However, accident prone Alexei took a tumble and tripped over some roots, banging his face on a low lying branch, narrowly missing his eye. He had quite a shiner, for quite a while!Glamping2014Dorset-58

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