2014 Week 15 Day 3

2014 Week 15 Day 3 – We left our glamping site today, so bye bye Knaveswell Farm and bye bye animals.Glamping2014DorsetKids-162


Glamping2014DorsetKids-182 We went on to Sealife in Weymouth, where we spent a fortune getting in (costly business having 4 kids) but we did enjoy all the sea creatures.Glamping2014DorsetKids-191 How cool would it be to have a tank at home full of jellyfish? Very therapeutic.  Glamping2014DorsetKids-211 SealifeWeymouthaOn a few occasions, the boys were asked to sit and pose and we were told that we could look at the edited photo when the green background would be replaced with an actioned packed scene. The boys happily posed, but luckily for me did not ever ask to see the finished photo. Here they would be amongst Moshi Monsters, but soon enough they got to meet a couple for real. Glamping2014DorsetKids-319 Whilst we didn’t really know who the characters were, the boys enjoyed posing nonetheless,Glamping2014DorsetKids-325 and the dance off. Glamping2014DorsetKids-329 In fact, they outdanced the Moshi’s and I think outstayed their welcome somewhat!Glamping2014DorsetKids-328 But whilst we had some energy left, we all had a go on the water ride, apart from Willow, who was very cross at missing out.SealifeWeymouth

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