2014 Week 16 Day 5

2014 Week 16 Day 5 – Easter Sunday (so you now can see how late these posts are), and we found that the easter bunny had visited Granny and Grandpa’s house and so the great egg hunt began.LocalLandscape-212-Edit-Edit The boys had each dug a hole in the earth for the rabbit to hide their eggs. I had never heard of this trick before, but it worked!LocalLandscape-134-EditEasterSun-1 EasterSun-2 The kids loved the hunt and, as you can clearly see, Grandpa was full of excitement too.EasterSun-3 EasterSun-4 LocalLandscape-245-Edit-Edit


LocalLandscape-324-Edit After a lovely chocolatey morning, we made our way over to Aunt Elizabeth’s house, where we enjoyed a glass of wine and some food (some enjoyed this more than others – me being in the latter category as being a non meat eater doesn’t fit too well with the traditional Polish Easter food spread). Did I say that I enjoyed a glass of wine though? Also, I enjoyed the great company of the Polish elders as well as the reuniting with Paul’s brother and his wife and their daughter. More on them to come.LocalLandscape-333-Edit

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