2014 Week 16 Day 6

2014 Week 16 Day 6 – Back at home early the next morning, I took the opportunity to nip out to the shops and sneak a photo on the way. An image I had been thinking about for a while. LocalLandscape-383-Edit Then, once everyone was up and about, we hunted for some more eggsLocalLandscape-413-Edit LocalLandscape-417-Edit and everyone got their fair share. Even Willow managed to find an egg or two.LocalLandscape-462-Edit Then, with Uncle Marcin, Auntie Karin and cousin Wiktoria encouraging us to partake in a Polish tradition, a HUGE water fight broke out

LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-52 LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-59 LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-69 LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-87 LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-89-Edit The we went for a walk to find bluebells, but came across fields of rapeseed instead. And a curious bunny!LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-151-Edit And some love birds.LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-183-Edit LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-186-Edit It made a change to have such willing modelsLocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-155-Edit-Edit-EditLocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-175-Edit especially of the adult varietyLocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-197-Edit LocalLandscapeTheRidgeway-166-Edit-2-Edit

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