2014 Week 25 Day 4

2014 Week 25 Day 4 – School fete day today and so a manic time ahead for us, but I had resolved to get Barnaby’s hair cut first. He has decided to go to a barber’s again, rather than let myself or my husband loose on his hair, and so I managed to get him down to the salon first thing. She finished his swanky cut off with some hair wax – oh no, what has she started? They all want some in their hair now. How cute is this boy? I am know I am biased, but…. 2014Week25Day4-31-Edit When we got to the fete, Felix kindly gave Willow some of the bling rings he won in a lucky cup. She wore them with style (for a while).2014Week25Day1iphone-12 2014Week25Day1iphone-10 And later, when we got home, Alexei was pleased that his wobbly tooth finally fell out. 2014Week25Day4-48 So pleased in fact, that he wrote the tooth fairy a note – on small paper, because the tooth fairies are small!2014Week25Day4-49translation: “To the tooth fairy thank you for letting me keep my tooth and the £1 love Alexei”. He expects a reply from the tooth fairy! (sigh) 2014Week25Day4-50

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