2014 Week 25 Day 5

2014 Week 25 Day 5 – When you have 4  children, you just can’t post a picture one of them, without thinking about the others. So as yesterday I had Barnaby, and of course WIllow and Felix feature a lot here, I took the opportunity to get Alexei. It was meant to be to document his two front missing teeth, but I couldn’t resist his goofy smile instead.

Also, I need to introduce him as ‘Alex Rabbit’ or ‘Alex Bunny’ as a nickname. He is sad he doesn’t have one(well he does by me – see below). Barnaby is ‘Barnu’. Felix is ‘Sabi Kitten’ and Willow has many including ‘Willaby Wallaby’, ‘Willsworth’ and so on. So Alex Bunny felt left out and gave himself this name, which is rather cute (and probably more grown up than my favourite ‘Alexei Wexie Woo Woo’).


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