2014 Week 27 Day 6

2014 Week 27 Day 6 – Today I had the results of my biopsy and the good news is that, although it is confirmed as a large but superficial bcc, it is not deep and can be lasered off using Photodynamic therapy. This means that I can have treatment over the course of a week and without needing to rest in between and it won’t leave a scar. So that means it should have minimal impact on the family. Meanwhile, of course, the factor 50 is still being used during this unusually hot weather here.

After the consultation, I took advantage of the evening out to go….. shopping! At a shop which is so cheap compared to where I am normally able to go; we don’t have this store close by and they do not deliver to our area. So, for one night only, I was happy at Morrisons.


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