2014 Week 30 Day 5

2014 Week 30 Day 5 – BOOM. Well that’s what I thought. No such luck. Not for me this far away. But you will see what I mean later.

Meanwhile, I tried to sleep before getting up at 2.30am but I couldn’t as I was too tired as usual. It was muggy. Plus all three boys decided to come to bed with me. So after a couple of hours of lying there not sleeping and getting kicked and punched, I decided just to get up and potter and then head out early.

I had half suspected that my ‘spot’ would be occupied by others. What I had not reckoned on was about 10 youths who didn’t really seem interested in the towers coming down, but were more keen to light the road by spraying flammables onto the road and lighting it, or stuffing things into bottles and lighting them in the middle of the road. So, my first cheery greeting to them which was more or less ignored, turned into half an eye on what they were doing behind me in the road just so I didn’t get a face full of glass or have my camera knocked over.

What was good about them though, apart from the fact that within an hour they had run out of things to light, was that they had the foresight to turn the radio on eventually and so I could hear the countdown. That helped as by this time it was 5am – we had been there for over two hours and the visibility still was not great really, and I didn’t hear the warning siren 15 minutes before the event apart from via the radio.

I thought that when they said it would take less than a minute for the towers to come down meant that it would be up to a minute. Not the case. They came down in seconds and, as I had quite a long shutter speed as I was trying to keep my ISO down and I thought it would have a nice arty effect, I just got a before and after shot, and not the actual coming down.

So, now you see them at 3am(ish)…
DidcotTowersDemolition-28 Still there at 5amDidcotTowersDemolition-39-2
then ‘Poof’ they are goneDidcotTowersDemolition-41 apart from some weird sparks to the left?DidcotTowersDemolition-42

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