2014 Week 31 Day 1

2014 Week 31 Day 1 – We went for a bike ride today, the girl and I. Well, I say bike ride, but all that happened was that I almost got to the top of a long steep hill and I heard “ppppsssssswwfffftttt”. The road runs through woods and I thought we were passing someone spraying a can of something in the trees and then, a split second later, I thought ‘oh no, my tyre’ and I swiftly turned around and freecycled down the hill as far as I could whilst the air lasted. That would be about 5 meters! So my idea of cycling to a shop at the top of the hill for supplies and then have a scenic coast downhill afterwards, before picking Felix up, was abruptly ended and instead, I walked back down the hill, hoping it would not take too long to walk home, with a bemused Willow still seated. Not so her helmet, she managed to undo it and lob it away, and I had not the heart to put it back on as technically we were not riding!

At one point, I decided to stop to take a picture. This is her ordering me to take a photo not of her, but the landscape instead. I always witter on to the children about the beauty of where we live and I am sure they just think ‘blah blah blah’ but it seems she has some appreciation of this area too?  july30th-1

So I took a photo of the tree that I always admire, and Willow insisted on looking at the camera to see the result! As you can see, there are worse places to break down!!
And you will be pleased to hear that I made it home in time to then go and get Felix; not that he would have worried as he would be perfectly happy to spend all day at sports camp, but unfortunately as he is not yet 5, he cannot. Instead, I took him and Willow to doctors for her 2 year review, but before that to the hardware shop for a few bits and pieces where he was complimented on his smile by the shopkeeper. You’d think butter wouldn’t melt!!


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