2014 Week 31 Day 2

2014 Week 31 Day 2 – We managed the bike ride today and even got to the shops for some supplies. Another gorgeous day. Another great time spent with the girl who seems to appreciate all this as much as I do!

july31st-13 july31st-25 july31st-32 And then, once we had picked up the boys, we spent some time walking around and Alexei directed me on my photo taking. He is a good artistic director and had some great ideas. Unfortunately, not all the kids were as cooperative as he would have liked.july31st-65 july31st-69 july31st-70 july31st-71 july31st-72 july31st-75Recently I almost gave this train set away as no one played with it, but then when I laid some tracks out, Willow did and even Barnaby took some trains and played with them. So I kept it. And then tonight, for the first time EVER, one of my children got the set out and did this! Felix, I applaud you for finally getting some enjoyment out of this, and I will keep it for a few more years yet.july31st-78 july31st-79 july31st-80

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