2014 Week 31 Day 3

2014 Week 31 Day 3 – We found a leak today – inside our wardrobe where our pump is – and the bad news was that it is on my side! Yuk.

So I took all my clothes out and inside an old bag of mine I found some of my sports clothes I wore many years ago. I have outfits for table tennis, football and hockey. Willow took a particular shine to a t-shirt that was given to me when I competed in the youth games held in Kingston, the town near where I grew up. It is miles to big for her, but very sweet for her to wear it and love it.


Of course, it got quite messy as she was eating satsumas (peeling them herself!!), so after an outfit change she decided to go scootering and hopes to compete in her own era’s youth games some day! Though judging from the Commonwealth Games, just held in Glasgow, it will only be in a few years time that she and her contemporaries are old and good enough to compete in some of the Commonwealth or Olympic events!
August2014-23 August2014-22

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