2014 Week 31 Day 4

2014 Week 31 Day 4 – Today we all went to a farm centre to have fun in their corn maze, the Maize Maze, for which they grow a new design every year. I promised not to take my camera in and so at the car park I took a picture of Barnaby as he has previously commented that he does not feature much here. He is usually either too busy or not mostly says he is not in the mood when I have the camera out, so here today was a good opportunity!


Paul had agreed to take Alexei swimming first and he also had Willow, so Felix and Barnaby and I had an opportunity to hang out and explore the farm and play area first.
August2014iphone-3 Then, when the others arrived, we headed in! Along with the flag in case we got into difficulties.August2014iphone-12 There are quite a number of maze’s here, so there is plenty of choice and variety. here the youngest are in the mouth of a snake!! They don’t seem too bothered though. August2014iphone-11We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home, and then I somehow found myself sans children and therefore able to stop en route and take a few sneaky landscape shots. Here I am!! August2014-55

Hay-3Hay-2 Hay-1Of course, I had to also capture the recently altered Didcot power Station, in all its lopsided glory.Didcot

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