2014 Week 32 Day 2

2014 Week 32 Day 2 – Today was all about footwear, as after a trip to the cinema we then went shopping. The outing was successful. Sort of. I didn’t appreciate the fact that I overstayed at the car park and will now face a fine. It’s one of those car parks where they snap you coming in and upon exit you pay the fee. You can stay a max of 4 hours. Apparently. So I realised when the screen just told me I had stayed too long. A cinema trip, shopping and lunch with 4 kids cannot take 4 hours. I wish I had realised  there was this limit (in small print) and I would have been even more manic with the kids than I already was!! Oh the joys of shopping centres. But Felix loves his slippers and they show the face I pulled to the screen when I realised I was half an hour over the parking limit. And the most annoying part? I could not see anywhere what the fine will be!


The kids, of course, couldn’t care less. They only care about money when I am giving it to them! But they do like their scary t-shirts and they do like to pose!Youngest

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