2014 Week 33 Day 6

2014 Week 33 Day 6 – Today, to Paul’s relief, we escaped the holiday park and travelled out back into the Lakes proper and took part in some tree top adventures. Well, the boys did, us girls had to content ourselves with puddle jumping and selfies!

August2014Lakeswk2-94 August2014Lakeswk2iphone-18 August2014Lakeswk2-46 Meanwhile, the boys had treetop fun, well Barnaby and Alexei did, Felix was rather scared so way up high, unsurprisingly, but daddy and the rangers coaxed him through the particularly tough parts. He enjoyed the zip wire at the end though.August2014Lakeswk2-121 Treetop-1 Treetop-2 August2014Lakeswk2-201 and the certificate he received.August2014Lakeswk2-250Barnaby was pumped up on adrenaline, ready for the Gruffalo trail August2014Lakeswk2-83 August2014Lakeswk2-254 whilst others were a bit more subdued by then.August2014Lakeswk2-265 Treetop-3

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