2014 Week 34 Day 4

2014 Week 34 Day 4 – Today was the last day of our holidays; we left the windy caravan park and instead of heading home, we headed to….. Manchester! For a numbers of reasons. 1. Barnaby’s favourite team is Manchester City, due to Joe Hart being the goalkeeper. 2. I have never been to Manchester 3. It would break up our car journey 4. We could watch Dr Who in the evening. 5. We would get to stay in a Premier Inn, a firm favourite of the boys.

The added bonus was that I had booked the one by the airport, so we got to see the planes flying really low! We also got to take a train in to the city centre. Always a bonus for the kids. Once there, we headed over the the science museum, and attempted their puzzles and games.Manchester-1 iphonesummer2014-51Manchester-2

We also realised it was Gay Pride that day, so there was an amazing atmosphere in the city and we ended up in a hotel bar and enjoyed some cocktails that had been specially mixed for the occasion. Manchester-3 SummerHols2014-114 We also got to see a drag Queen or two.SummerHols2014-129

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